Top 10 ways to Prevent the Spread of Corona Virus in School as a Student

 Top 10 ways to Prevent the Spread of Corona Virus in School as a Student

Corona Virus also known as Covid-19 is longer news to any of us, because of this world pandemic a lot of economies are going down and of course shut down of schools which has made learning more difficult for School students. Thanks to health workers and WHO who has been fighting this virus in order to make sure it leaves the surface of the earth.

As school is about to kick off, we have compiled this list of top 10 ways to coup or stop the spread of the deadly virus according to world health organizations:

  • As a Student, always wash your hand regularly: Wash your hand before and after leaving the school environment, always go to school with your hand sanitizers and after every handshake, apply your hand sanitizers.
  • Disinfect your desk and chair with rag: When going to school always, go with a liquid soup wet rag to clean your desk and chair before you use then.
  • Seek more information: Seek more information on the deadly virus from recognized health organizations like Who and your school Heath center.
  • Stay away: If you are experiencing fever or cough, do not go to school, ask your parents to take you for health checkup.
  • Cough or sneezing: Always cough or sneeze into your Sleeve or tissues, and after you do dispose tissue properly and wash your hands properly with soup.
  • Always wear face mask or face shield: While inside the school environment, always wear your face mask or face shield.
  • Friend feels sick: If your friend feels sick, report to your class teacher or health center within your school. Do not go close.
  • Do not Share items: Do not Share items like pen, pencil or books with your friends. Do not touch items that belongs to a sick person.
  • School toilet: After using the School toilet, always wash your hands properly with soup before you touch anything, like door or your body.
  • Be alert: As School resumes, be alert to the signs of corona virus symptoms, be an agent that will help the world, report any ill person to the nearest health care or call any local health organization. Stay safe.

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These are the top ways you can prevent the deadly corona virus disease, please share this article to health students resuming soon stay safe. You can drop a comment below to tell us what you think as we will love to hear from you.